Risotteria: A NYC Gluten Free Mecca

Risotteria Gluten Free SandwichThe first time I ate at Risotteria was in 2004 or 2005 during a business trip when it was much harder to eat gluten free

I cried. It was emotional to be surrounded by all of the food I couldn’t have other places. The beer. The pizza. The sandwiches. The cookies. It went on and on. I desperately wished something like it existed in Washington, DC where I lived at the time.

Today, I go to Risotteria for certain things – specifically a panini sandwich, gluten free twinkies, or a chocolate chip cookie if I am walking past. Their pizza is ok. If you are looking for great gluten free pizza, eat across the street at Kesté (review here). Its the best in NYC.

But for a sandwich, Risotteria is great. They have a dedicated gluten free panini maker! And a hefty amount of choices to choose from including chicken breast, turkey, vegetarian options, parma ham, soppressata, copa, italian sausage…and more.

Risotteria Gluten free SandwichI had the chicken breast during my last visit. The sandwich was good – olive tapenade was excellent and I enjoyed the pickled onions that accompanied it. It was too dry though. I asked for mayonnaise and the waiter claimed that they normally didn’t hand it out to customers? but that he would make an exception. Not sure what that all means but be persistent if you need something else on your sandwich.

And its time for desert. Get up and take a look at the selection. Some of the stuff is not on the menu but sitting right out in the open next to the cash register. Its fun! It makes you feel like you are at your own special bakery full of junk food. This place is not about being the “best” bakery….its more about the selection.

And what they have is pretty enormous.

Risotteria Gluten Free Desert Eclairs

Carrot cake, several types of cookies and brownies and cup cakes. Cheese cake. Linzer cookies. Pies. Tres Leche Cake. Gluten Free Eclairs.
I love to look through the platter that is always out near the cash register. Here is where the Winkies are hiding – the gluten free twinkies. Along with pound cake, small pies, black and white cookies…

Risotteria Gluten Free Desert junk food

Everything is good but if you are wanting to get the best chocolate chip cookie in the city, this is not the place. Review the “Best Cookies” page to get more advice on finding some of the most delicious gluten free cookies in the city.

Address: 270 Bleecker Street

Neighborhood: West Village


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