Homemade Gluten Free Ramen + Seaweed with calcium

Homemade Ramen Gluten Free
“You need to focus on getting calcium NOW.” That would be 1,000mg a day.

Now that I am pregnant suddenly my eating life is turned a bit upside down. I need to focus on finding the right nutrients to fill in the ‘must have’ categories every day and most of the time come up short (thankfully I have vitamins).

Its much easier if you can eat fortified milk (YUCK! I hate milk!!) to get your calcium. Or Orange Juice (Yuk! I hate orange juice!). Finding fortified gluten free foods is a challenge.

My Husband – M – made home made ramen broth over the weekend. I know right? He is awesome! He used the Momofuku recipe which is posted here. We have the Momofuku cookbook which I highly recommend you pick up if you plan to eat at any of David Chang’s restaurants. In general, its difficult to eat at most of them because he uses soy sauce extensively. The cookbook will help you understand what you can and can’t eat before you get there (and frankly if its something you want to eat). One way to experience David Chang’s cooking if your gluten free is to organize 8-10 people to eat the bo saam dinner. More on that later.

M also bought a bunch of seaweed. Seaweed has a lot of calcium but it varies by type:

Example: Hijiki (1400mg) Wakame (1300), Kelp(1100), Kombu (800). Measure is for 100 milligrams or 3.5 oz.

Seaweed is a great way to amp up a dish by adding it as a garnish or making a simple seaweed starter salad. I added it to the Ramen to punch it up a bit.

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