Gluten Free Sandwich in NYC: Little Muenster Delights

Little Muenster is an example of what is possible in NYC but not many other places: getting hyper-focused on a very small food niche. This place is a must stop for gluten free eaters who want to enjoy a kick-ass grilled cheese.

little muenster gluten free sandwich menu

My husband joined me on the rainy adventure (perfect day for soup and grilled cheese) to the Lower East Side. Little Muenster is RIGHT across the street from his old apartment! We used to spend a lot of time in this neighborhood when we first started dating – especially at Inoteca on the sidewalk on a sunny afternoon.

Had Little Muenster been there back then it would have been hard to leave!

There are about 8 different sandwich choices any of which can be made gluten free. They use Udi’s bread, one of my favorites. They have decided that one grilled cheese is not enough of a serving so two sandwiches came with my order. Depending on whats happening with you and your group you might want to split an order.

little muenster gluten free sandwichI ordered the Gruyere / Fontina / Prosciutto / Membrillo combination.

I have been on a Membrillo bender since returning home from Barcelona! It was perfect in that it was not too filled in with meat – you could enjoy the butter crisped bread along with all of the flavors of cheese, sweet membrillo and prosciutto.

I also tried the asparagus soup (seasonal) and the tomato soup (always served). Both were excellent.

little muenster cheese grater chandelier

One of the things I really enjoyed about this tiny space was the chandelier which is made of cheese graters!

This place seats about 10 people total. Its a great place to get a to-go order or to sit down for a few minutes. They serve beer (but not gluten free beer) and wine along with a wide variety of soft drinks including flavored San Pellegrino (including the hard to find grapefruit flavor).

I asked the cook what the situation was in the kitchen in terms of gluten free preparation. She uses a gluten free only cutting board for her work – butter, prep – and said she only used one part of the grill to cook the sandwiches. It appears they are aware of how to keep those with sensitive allergies from getting cross-contamination.

My husband had a gluten sandwich and enjoyed the experience as much as I did so you can take your partner in crime to enjoy – even if they are not gluten free.

Address: 100 Stanton Street

Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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