Eating with the James Beard Winners in NYC Gluten Free

James beard Gluten Free NYCCan you enjoy the finest chef’s and sommeliers in NYC Gluten Free? Why yes—yes you can!

The James Beard Awards were announced this week. Here are the local NYC winners:

Outstanding Chef :

Winner Daniel Humm who serves up nothing but delicious at Eleven Madison Park. My recent visit was gluten free at its best including fresh gluten free french bread….and did I mention the outrageous gluten free granola they gave me as a gift when departing? Eleven Madison has three Michelin Stars and four stars from the NY Times. Its worth every penny of the indulgence.

Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional:

Winner Paul Grieco from Terroir. Terroir, called the “Elitest Wine Bar for Everyone,” is an off-shoot of Hearth, one of my favorite restaurants. Hearth is able to make most things on their menu gluten free and they also have homemade gluten free pasta!

Terroir is a wine bar with encyclopedia sized wine list. Their staff is highly knowledgable about gluten allergies.They have lots of great snacks (see menu here) that are gluten free already without modifications as well as charcuterie and cheese plates. There are a few locations in Manhattan, but my favorite is the original in the East Village.

If you like tons of wine choices -ones that you have likely never tasted, and a low key vibe, check out Terroir.

Best Chef NY: 

Michael Anthony is the chef behind the delicious Gramercy Tavern one of my favorite haunts. I suggest eating here at the bar as I prefer a more low key vibe rather than the formal dining room. Its a little fancy in the formal dining area. Make sure you book a reservation and book early. Gramercy Tavern is totally hit or miss on a possible table. I have walked in there many times without a reservation so give it a try if you are in Flatiron.

One more local NYC shout out!

I also want to direct your attention to winner in the publication category! The founders live here in NYC. This website is full of great recipes and it can be searched to find gluten free options!

For all of the James Beard award winners check here.

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Eating at Gramercy Tavern Gluten Free

gramercy tavern

Last night I sat at the bar and indulged in an extraordinary meal at the Gramercy Tavern. Hmmm…..Danny Meyer’s restaurants find a way to accommodate gluten free diners. Two of my favorite haunts are Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe (more about that later).

I love eating at the bar because there is something really intimate about the whole scene. Its an absolute that you will get great attention from the bartender. And bartenders in NYC know their stuff (and the menu). You can connect with those around you or the bartender or just read a book.

When I traveled in Germany last year a couple from Munich commented about how unusual it was at a particular bar in NYC that one could order a glass of Barolo. This is another NYC secret: because many are dining alone getting an above average wine by the glass menu is not unheard of.

First course: Mussels, Salsify, Red Beans, Chorizo and Cilantro Broth. The Cilantro broth was to die for.

Second course: Flounder, Spaghetti Squash, Walnuts and Sherry Sauce. This was the most amazing dish because of the sherry sauce and candied walnuts and MANGO that made up the sauce… The Hubs paired this with an Alberino from Spain. It was a great combo.

No pics :–( this time readers…but put Gramercy on your list. Its a must do NYC experience. The menu changes daily based on what is available locally. Get there after 9pm and eat at the bar to get the best attention.

Neighborhood: Flatiron

Address: 42 E 20th Street



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