Gluten Free Pizza: Ribalta

IMG_1969I work near Ribalta and frankly during a football game you can’t miss it – there are Italians cheering and yelling out the door! Every time I walk by this place it makes me feel like I AM IN ITALY. The combination of attitude, music, noise, and Vespas parked out front transport you thousands of miles a way. And all of that heart is in the menu with things like truffles and other delights that are part of the unfolding of seasons that Italians count as standard.

And I guess that is the point. It feels like the owner has established an outpost here in NYC and convinced all of his friends – both new and old to join him.

So how is the Gluten Free PIzza?  Its good. Its different than my favorite place – Keste – which is odd since this is the same set of owners. But I feel that some people might like this place better for a variety of reasons.

First, the crust at this place is crisper. Its not stretchy like Keste. Second the environment. This place can be wild and probably very fun if you are looking to hang and watch football (soccer for us Americans) one afternoon. And finally if you are in Union Square..and don’t feel like heading south in to the village this place is a good pit stop. They are quick and very efficient. The service is excellent – the owner often comes by and checks on you.

And I would say that it feels really joyful in there. People are having FUN and because you are sitting there you feel yourself joining in.

Neighborhood: Union Square

Address: 48 E 12th St


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Gluten Free NYC Restaurant: Pala Pizza

IMG_0369I haven’t been to Pala for a while… and that was a mistake.

Things have dramatically improved since my last visit with new things like MEATBALLS and ARANCINI being added to the menu. These pair beautifully with the Roman style pizza.

Pala’s is a great place on a warm afternoon. Its a wide open door - literally a garage door that opens onto Allen street where you feel the fringes of the Lower East Side in a good way. I recommend this place for a spring or fall afternoon/evening.

And yet, here I am writing about this on February so its perfect any time really.

I indulged last night ordering meatballs, arancini (which needed some salt) and a roman pizza with Bresaola, arugula, and pecorino. Yum.

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Address: 198 Allen St


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