Omission Beer: Nerds WIN


Omission Beer is really GOOD….because it is real beer.

And while this review is certainly going to express my views on Omission’s GLUTEN FREE beers I am stunned to share that Omission’s lager just won an award this week for 2nd place in the Lager category at the 2013 Great International Beer & Cider Competition. Not Gluten Free Lager – this beer won against gluten filled beers! WOW!

A few nights ago I opened up the case I was sent by the creators of Omission and tried all three flavors and behold!! Gluten free people of the world we have an amazing thing right here!! Even the husband (not GF!) was like wow – this is real beer. 

Full confession – I was a bit freaked out about the whole idea of removing gluten. I was like wait they TAKE OUT the gluten? What?

And then I thought wait a minute….the NERDS WIN!! Yippee!! Omission crafts this beer the traditional way and then removes the gluten. AMAZING! I also want to add that Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) has stated that this is OK for Celiacs!

These guys (nerds!!) have gone to the end with the details on this beer – detail as a fellow nerd that I can appreciate! They post the test results on each batch of beer for your review. Just pop over to their website and look up your bottle. Mine read UNDER 10 gluten peptide. So hardly any GLUTEN…and that number rests safely UNDER the FDA standard of 20 parts per million approved back in August (NYT’s Article)

Omission is brewing beer the old style way and then inviting the nerds to come in and take out the “bad stuff.” I love this – going right at the “problem” instead of trying to re-create the whole system.

What is next for me? Finding a omission in my hood. Handy MAP here helped me figure out there is a place near by!! I am quite surprised who has decided to take on this brand locally – places like Blue Smoke. YES! And feel really excited about the possibility of having some BBQ and a beer soon?!?

Life is good! Thank you Omission for the test pack – I don’t know if I would have believed it without trying it myself.

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Gluten Free Pregnancy: Excellent NYTimes Opinion Piece

I read so many studies about Celiac Disease, the right approach, what I could actually do to possibly affect my daughter’s genetic plight when I was planning her arrival.

It was daunting.

And in some ways depressing. It felt like this is the best thing we know right now. Period. And that thing they know — essentially breast feed and introduce wheat at 4 months – feels very wobbly. Like your eggs are in one basket of today’s thinking about this problem.

The author of this piece dives in deep and fills in the gaps that felt so important when I was on the road to becoming a celiac mother – its a must read.

The most important tidbits:

“American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that infants start consuming gluten while still breast-feeding.

“Not all breast milk is the same. It varies according to diet and other factors. One study found that milk from overweight mothers had fewer of those bifidobacteria than milk from thinner mothers. Another observed that breast milk from farming mothers, who inhabit a microbially enriched environment, carried more anti-inflammatory proteins compared with urban mothers’ milk.”


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Eating Gluten Free at Co Ba: Delicious Vietnamese Street Food

IF you are looking to eating gluten free in NYC, Co Ba is a GREAT spot to escape the crowds of Chelsea Market and the Highline Park AND enjoy excellent Vietnamese food. Co Ba is definitely a local restaurant off the beaten tourist path. It’s also easy to miss. Keep your eyes peeled for a small restaurant with a red awning across the street from some dreary apartment buildings on 9th avenue.

For those of us with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, Vietnamese cuisine is always a good selection because it uses a lot of rice noodles or rice as its chosen starch. The main trick to eating gluten free at Vietnamese restaurants is to ask a lot of questions about sauces.

My favorite gluten free dish at Co Ba is Bun Cha Ca Hanoi.

I am a HUGE fan of Bun Cha Ca. I have not yet been to Vietnam but from my husband’s telling, there are street vendors in some cities that line the streets selling their own version of Cha Ca.

Bun Cha Ca every day? That’s for me!

Bun Cha Ca is a turmeric marinated white fish traditionally served with dill, rice noodles and peanuts.

In other words: Gluten free without any modifications. PLUS, It’s delicious! I have tried Cha Ca at three different restaurants in NYC so far – THIS IS THE BEST. It’s fresh but filling at the same time.

Ordering a Bun, which is a noodle dish, is the easiest route to something gluten free and delicious. There are many other choices on Co Ba’s menu. Buns have rice noodles (gluten free), chicken, lettuce, carrots and mint mixed together. It’s hard to explain how delicious they are!

This place is great for small plates. BUT. Watch the sauces. This is where you can get in to gluten free trouble. Ordering Tom Cuon, rice paper wrapped shrimp, which I did the last time, can lead to problems unless the waiter knows what is in the sauce. ASK!!!

I asked for an alternative sauce after this dish arrived because it when I see a brown sauce I start asking questions to make sure its gluten free.

Usually waiters don’t know about soy sauce having gluten. Let them know when you order. They swapped out the sauce with the same mixture they serve with the Buns – a vinegar sauce – and it was great!

Co Ba means “Miss Number Three” which translates loosely to “Auntie Number Three.” This is what the purveyors of tiny restaurants in Vietnam are called because they cook for those that live right next door to them. Auntie Number Three is usually a housewife that expands her offerings to the locals and she becomes like a family member.

And that is the feeling you get in Co Ba. You suspect that someone’s mom is cooking in the back… but she is cooking up stuff that no mom I have met has mastered. Not surprisingly, this is what chef Steven Duong had in mind: A restaurant offering foods typically found on the streets of Vietnam. It’s a great place to go for small plates, clay pots and of course Bun Cha Ca. (Additional Posts on Co Ba)

Neighborhood: Chelsea


Address: 110 9TH AVENUE (BTW 17TH &18TH ST)

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