Eating Gluten Free at NYC Food Trucks: Calexico


Its a balmy 70 degrees here in NYC today a perfect excuse to explore local food trucks for lunch!

Calexico has a food truck set up at 24th and Broadway that will delight any gluten-free eater seeking out a cheap lunch. This stand is right near Madison Square Park which is awesome on a beautiful day. You can take your lunch for a walk across the street and enjoy it on the park benches. There are also a set of tables right in front of the stand as Broadway is expanded here to include outdoor seating in the middle of the street.

Calexico MenuIn talking with the man running the show I was impressed at his ability to quickly get “gluten-free” and advise me of what I could order!

Options include a wide variety of tacos made with corn tortillas or selecting a burrito that is made “naked” in a bowl.

Here is a link to their menu offered at all of their locations.

Calexico Gluten Free Tacos
Today I tried a Pollo Asado Taco and a Gringo taco.
POLLO ASADO had excellent marinated grilled chicken, avocado salsa, and pico de gallo. The chicken was done perfectly and not dry.
The GRINGO had ancho-cumin spiced ground beef, monterey jack,pico de gallo and crema. It was really great after I added some hot sauce they have at the cart.
Both were wrapped in a crispy corn tortilla and way delicious!! For a grand total of $6 this is hard to beat. You can also order these as a platter and get rice and beans.

Sunshine at Calexico

There are three Calexico carts in the city. The other two are at Wooster and Prince AND Crosby and Broome. These are not as ideal in terms of sitting down and enjoying the outdoors as neither of those locations are offer easy access to a park. Also, its important to show up early to this particular cart before the lunch rush takes over. I was there at 11:45 and had to wait about 10 minutes for my food. It can take much longer as 12-1pm is the height of lunch hour.

This location is very close to Eataly a food delight that everyone should take in! Eataly may be known to you if you have visited Italy, but this is their first US location. There is an obscene amount of imported Italian delicacies, 4 restaurants, a beer garden on the roof and even a GLUTEN FREE section!!

Neighborhood: Flatiron

Address: 24th Street & Broadway


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