Gluten Free Pregnancy: Excellent NYTimes Opinion Piece

I read so many studies about Celiac Disease, the right approach, what I could actually do to possibly affect my daughter’s genetic plight when I was planning her arrival.

It was daunting.

And in some ways depressing. It felt like this is the best thing we know right now. Period. And that thing they know — essentially breast feed and introduce wheat at 4 months – feels very wobbly. Like your eggs are in one basket of today’s thinking about this problem.

The author of this piece dives in deep and fills in the gaps that felt so important when I was on the road to becoming a celiac mother – its a must read.

The most important tidbits:

“American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that infants start consuming gluten while still breast-feeding.

“Not all breast milk is the same. It varies according to diet and other factors. One study found that milk from overweight mothers had fewer of those bifidobacteria than milk from thinner mothers. Another observed that breast milk from farming mothers, who inhabit a microbially enriched environment, carried more anti-inflammatory proteins compared with urban mothers’ milk.”


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