Omission Beer: Nerds WIN


Omission Beer is really GOOD….because it is real beer.

And while this review is certainly going to express my views on Omission’s GLUTEN FREE beers I am stunned to share that Omission’s lager just won an award this week for 2nd place in the Lager category at the 2013 Great International Beer & Cider Competition. Not Gluten Free Lager – this beer won against gluten filled beers! WOW!

A few nights ago I opened up the case I was sent by the creators of Omission and tried all three flavors and behold!! Gluten free people of the world we have an amazing thing right here!! Even the husband (not GF!) was like wow – this is real beer. 

Full confession – I was a bit freaked out about the whole idea of removing gluten. I was like wait they TAKE OUT the gluten? What?

And then I thought wait a minute….the NERDS WIN!! Yippee!! Omission crafts this beer the traditional way and then removes the gluten. AMAZING! I also want to add that Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) has stated that this is OK for Celiacs!

These guys (nerds!!) have gone to the end with the details on this beer – detail as a fellow nerd that I can appreciate! They post the test results on each batch of beer for your review. Just pop over to their website and look up your bottle. Mine read UNDER 10 gluten peptide. So hardly any GLUTEN…and that number rests safely UNDER the FDA standard of 20 parts per million approved back in August (NYT’s Article)

Omission is brewing beer the old style way and then inviting the nerds to come in and take out the “bad stuff.” I love this – going right at the “problem” instead of trying to re-create the whole system.

What is next for me? Finding a omission in my hood. Handy MAP here helped me figure out there is a place near by!! I am quite surprised who has decided to take on this brand locally – places like Blue Smoke. YES! And feel really excited about the possibility of having some BBQ and a beer soon?!?

Life is good! Thank you Omission for the test pack – I don’t know if I would have believed it without trying it myself.

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