Gluten Free Restaurant NYC: Eating Gluten Free at ABC Kitchen

I love the vibe at ABC Kitchen. I walk there during the week and eat at the bar late at night when I can’t get a reservation. Its easy to do this in the summer but not so easy other times of the year because its still a “new and trendy restaurant” with a 2 star New York Times rating. Try to get a reservation if you can.

YES. You can!! easily eat if you are looking for a gluten free restaurant option in NYC! I have eaten here about 6 times now and every waiter and bartender is well versed in gluten free options. They will also advise you of cross-contamination issues depending on what you order.

ABC Kitchen akaushi cheeseburger Gluten Free

I was eager to try the akaushi cheeseburger with herbed mayo and pickled jalapenos. Akaushi means “Red Cow” in Japanese and is a type of Wagyu beef.  Did you know that Akaushi beef has the highest percentage of monounsaturated fat of any beef in the U.S.?

The dish is an exceptional indulgence! The burger itself was done with a crisp, char on the outside and was very tender and rare on the inside. This is probably the best made burger I have eaten in NYC. I was totally wowed by the way it was cooked. Topped with parmesan cheese and sitting on a bed of arugula made the flavor even better. The mayo was above and beyond  flavored with fresh slices of herbs mixed in adding a crunch.

Because I am eating gluten free I skipped the bun. It would be heaven if they had gluten free buns at this restaurant- HINT, HINT.

I ate the fries here but would not recommend that someone with several allergies do so because they use the fryer for other things on the menu according to my waiter and the kitchen manager.

Beyond burgers are there gluten free options? Yes-MANY. I have eaten fresh fish, pork and other American style entrees. I am in love with the raw starters at this restaurant. They typically have a raw crudo with fluke and an in season vegetable or fruit.

This restaurant is unreal and a must for gluten free foodies.

Neighborhood: Flatiron


Address: 35 east 18th street (between broadway & park avenue)

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Eating Gluten Free at NGAM: Thai Comfort Food

Eating Gluten Free at Ngam Thai

Love is in the air.

At least that is what it feels like at NGAM, a newish Thai restaurant in the East Village.

From the moment you walk in the door you feel surrounded by someone’s passion. And shortly there after its likely you will see or meet Chef Hong Thaimee. She is the passion powerhouse behind Ngam.

NGAM joins the list of restaurants that I categorize as NYC style. These places, like Hearth, or Momofuku are the epitome of cool while offering outrageous food. You leave feeling like you can have it all – the music and food you want served in an atmosphere you appreciate (read not boring/uptight/rude).

I can confirm that everyone at NGAM knows what it means to be gluten free, with an intimate understanding of what is possible with the menu (most items are already gluten free)and if they don’t know, they ask. This restaurant is small enough that you can actually talk to Hong if you are being challenged by something, but chances are you won’t need to. Both of my visits were made better by her visits to our table asking us questions, but her staff is also extremely well prepared to deliver you gluten free deliciousness without her intervention.

Gluten Free Som Tum Salad Grilled WatermelonDuring each visit I couldn’t stay away from the Som Tum Salad with grilled watermelon. Wow. It was a tad bit different each time but consistently excellent. The strawberries in the first try were excellent, but yet I didn’t miss them the second time when they were absent replaced by cantaloupe. Hong appears to choose local foods over consistency of ingredients, but the taste does not suffer.

Gluten Free Zucchini Pad ThaiThe favorite dish we tried was the Zucchini Pad Thai. I didn’t know what to expect of this dish and was happily surprised to find just the right combination of zucchini cut into noodle thin slices with some bamboo shoots and a very slight touch of noodles. Wow. The sauce was just enough – not too dry like so many Pad Thai’s but not at all ketchupy.

Gluten Free Double Green Curry Fried RiceThe Double Green Curry Fried Rice was my main course during one visit. While I LOVED the curry rice, the ribs were very dry. I would have enjoy the dish more without them.

The tendancy for meat to be very done at this restauant works in some dishes but not in others. We tried the Cutie Duckling / Kang Phed Ped Yang on another visit. It was very well done, but it still worked. As someone who likes rare duck this surprised me.

I love surprises.

Strawberry Mojito

Finally – the drinks at this restaurant are outstanding. I ordered a virgin strawberry mojito. It was amazing. The wine selection is also good for parings if you know your way around a wine menu.

Address: 99 Third Ave

Neighborhood: East Village

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