Gluten Free Lobster Roll in NYC: 5 Napkin Burger

Gluten Free Lobster Roll? Really?

The last time I had a lobster roll was in 1999 on Block Island. In between moped rides and taking in the awesome views of the island I stopped by someplace and woofed down a lobster roll.

In hindsight, I totally took it for granted.

Living in New York City limits the possibilites of casually picking up a lobster roll. Its not like being in Maine where lobster rolls are on a lot of menus because, well, they have a lot of lobster there.

Here not so much. And a gluten free lobster roll? That is almost beyond hope…

So I was thrilled to find a gluten free lobster roll available at 5 Napkin Burger.

Waiter TIP: When I ordered this gluten free I had to convince the waiter that I was FINE with only having one sandwich. He kept saying “I can’t serve you three of them — you understand right?”

The lobster roll is served on tiny buns normally so the waiter was overly concerned that I expected 3 large buns (they only have large buns). Meanwhile I was thrilled to get any bun! but he had trouble understanding that.

I eat the fries at 5 Napkin Burger and do not get sick BUT check with them if you have a very severe allergy because they may be cross frying. (Read other reviews about 5 Napkin Burger)

Neighborhood: Union Square, Upper West Side


Address: 150 E. 14th Street


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G-Free NYC: A Gluten Free Paradise

Brandi Moore in G-Free NYC Food Shop

Brandi grabbing a gluten-free pizzelle at G-Free NYC

G-Free NYC is a small speciality food shop on the Upper West. Its worth the trip because their inventory is incredible.

I found G-Free NYC in a search for Everybody Eats bread after eating it at Eleven Madison.

As I headed uptown I was envisioning a small store filled with junk food instead of what I found! While they have a great assortment of cookies they also have many healthy products. I was delightfully surprised! Most of their inventory is not available at NYC’s grocery stores and their prices are extremely reasonable – they are simliar to what I pay at Whole Foods.

I suggest stopping here if you what to stock up during a weekend trip to NYC or if you are simply curious to see what gluten free foods are offered in the US. G-Free carries the best of the best and they have a few fresh snacks. I loved the pizzelles!

G-Free NYC Jovial CookiesIf you have a gluten free child this is a must stop. They have a ton of stuff that is individually wrapped such as fig newtons. I love these from Jovial!




They have two large freezers where you will find the Everybody Eats bread and a ton of other things such as ravoli, frozen pizza etc.




G-Free NYC Pita Bread

One of the delights from this section was the pita bread. I haven’t eaten pita bread since I was diagnosed. 10 years ago. It used to be one of my favorite things. This pita bread is excellent! I haven’t used it as a pocket for a sandwich but its very simliar to gluten pita breads in that the pocket is not a strong as you would like but it works.


Gluten Free ramen noodles

Gluten Free Ramen Noodles? This is another great example of a product I had never come across! We love to make Ramen at home and these are perfect!

I could go on all day! Stop here if you are local or a visitor. Its a good place to grab a snack if you are visiting Natural History Museum.


Address: 77A W. 85th Street

Neighborhood: Upper West Side


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