Greek Food Gluten Free: Eating at Molyvos

Greek food in NYC is hit or miss. There are a few outrageously great places and some really, really bad places. And a lot of those really bad places are overpriced.

Molyvos is one of those great places. It used to be my favorite place to take clients when I was working in computer security and often had clients in mid-town / Times Square. It’s a little pricer than most of my other reviews, entrees are about $25-$30, but if you are looking for a good Times Square restaurant that also offers a spacious atmosphere and good food this place is for you.

When I arrived here on Sunday night I was STUNNED to find out they had redone the interior and more importantly the MENU!! Its very fresh now inside the restaurant with light colors decorating the walls. They have also redone the menu making it easier to understand by sliming it down to one page.

Molyvos Gluten Free Garides SaganakiI ordered the Garides Saganaki, which is an appetizer portion. This dish is baked up with shrimp with tomatoes, garlic and Ouzo. My waitress was Greek (this has been the case every time I have visited this restaurant) and was well versed on the menu. I asked her about my gluten intolerance and she helped me understand this was a good selection as long as she requested it without bread.

Molyvos Gluten Free Horiatiki Salata

I ordered the Horiatiki Salata as well which is essentially a FABULOUS traditional Greek Salad with cucumbers, tomates, feta spices and olive oil from their house label. It was a perfect portion and superb!

At this restaurant you can count on having a waitress that knows the menu and is more than willing to ask about gluten-free options if he or she doesn’t know. The family atmosphere, meaning the way the wait staff and the management team act in concert, creates a friendly environment for the gluten-free eater.

Neighborhood: Times Square

Address871 Seventh Avenue



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Pam’s Real Thai Food

Pam Real Thai Food MidtownMidtown is a difficult place to find something delicious to eat. The constant barrage of lights and “Ray’s Pizza” signs make you feel a bit hopeless as you wander around hungry. There are better choices out there if you wander off the main drag and head east or west.

I went to Pam’s Real Thai Food for a late lunch on Friday. It is two avenues away from Broadway but it feels like a mile.

Pam Real Thai Food SloganPam’s is a very generic looking place, both inside and out, but the food is fabulous. Pam Panyasiri has been cooking here since 2001 bringing flavors from all over Thailand to NYC.

The waiter was well versed in what gluten free meant and advised me to make a selection or two and then he would confirm if it was gluten free.

Pam Real Thai Food

I ordered the Green Thai Curry. The curry itself was excellent but I was a bit taken aback by the small portion of white rice served along with it. As I consumed the dish I realized that they gave me exactly the right amount of rice.

The food here is very, very reasonably priced. I believe my bill with tip totaled about $13.00. The portions are not too large so each person needs to order their own dish, but there is room for sharing as everything is served family style.

Neighborhood: Midtown West \ Hell’s Kitchen

Address: 404 West 49th St


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