Living the HIGH life: Gluten Free Club Sandwich at Blooms NYC

There is a sandwich.

And then there is a skyscraper tall sandwich. When your plate is handed to you at Bloom’s you will see the difference.

Blooms Gluten Free Club Sandwich

“Do you have gluten free bread today?” I asked the host when I arrived.

“Of course, and here is the gluten free menu” he said.

OK then. Perfect!!

I was going to try their Ruben until I realized they had fresh turkey. I love a real turkey sandwich – not lunch meat turkey – REAL turkey. Suddenly a club sandwich was in my sights.

The sandwich itself is so huge that I could not eat the whole thing. I mentioned this to the manger on the way out and he said “yeah, most people take half of theirs back to the office with them.” Noted.

The bread was excellent – very crispy because it was toasted. And the sandwich itself did not disappoint. Bloom’s invites you to dress the sandwich yourself so mustard, mayonnaise, and other condiments should be requested or found on your table. Just ask if its not right in front of you. I like this approach because nothing was soggy or over done mayonnaise wise.

Half Sour pickles at Blooms NYCBloom’s also has another NYC delight: half sour pickles. These pickles appear in traditional diners across the city. The whole bowl sits on your table and you serve yourself.

Half-sour pickles (sometimes called new dills outside NYC) sit in brine for a very short time making them very crispy and bright green unlike other pickles that are perserved for longer.

Bloom’s has a lot of gluten free breakfast options I would expect at a NYC diner such as pancakes and french toast. Gluten free toast is served with all of their egg dishes. AND THEY DELIVER locally. If you are staying in Midtown they may deliver to your hotel. Here is the gluten free menu.

Grand Central Station is about 2 blocks away from Bloom’s making it a great lunch spot for Midtown East and a good breakfast meeting stop for commuters. Its also a short jaunt to the showcase NYC Public Library building on 5th ave.

Neighborhood: Murry Hill or Midtown East

Address: 350 Lexington Ave



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