Gluten Free Restaurant NYC: Eating Gluten Free at ABC Kitchen

I love the vibe at ABC Kitchen. I walk there during the week and eat at the bar late at night when I can’t get a reservation. Its easy to do this in the summer but not so easy other times of the year because its still a “new and trendy restaurant” with a 2 star New York Times rating. Try to get a reservation if you can.

YES. You can!! easily eat if you are looking for a gluten free restaurant option in NYC! I have eaten here about 6 times now and every waiter and bartender is well versed in gluten free options. They will also advise you of cross-contamination issues depending on what you order.

ABC Kitchen akaushi cheeseburger Gluten Free

I was eager to try the akaushi cheeseburger with herbed mayo and pickled jalapenos. Akaushi means “Red Cow” in Japanese and is a type of Wagyu beef.  Did you know that Akaushi beef has the highest percentage of monounsaturated fat of any beef in the U.S.?

The dish is an exceptional indulgence! The burger itself was done with a crisp, char on the outside and was very tender and rare on the inside. This is probably the best made burger I have eaten in NYC. I was totally wowed by the way it was cooked. Topped with parmesan cheese and sitting on a bed of arugula made the flavor even better. The mayo was above and beyond  flavored with fresh slices of herbs mixed in adding a crunch.

Because I am eating gluten free I skipped the bun. It would be heaven if they had gluten free buns at this restaurant- HINT, HINT.

I ate the fries here but would not recommend that someone with several allergies do so because they use the fryer for other things on the menu according to my waiter and the kitchen manager.

Beyond burgers are there gluten free options? Yes-MANY. I have eaten fresh fish, pork and other American style entrees. I am in love with the raw starters at this restaurant. They typically have a raw crudo with fluke and an in season vegetable or fruit.

This restaurant is unreal and a must for gluten free foodies.

Neighborhood: Flatiron


Address: 35 east 18th street (between broadway & park avenue)

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Eating Gluten Free at The NoMad: Eleven Madison Talent at Cheaper Prices

Chef Daniel Humm recently won a James Beard award for his preparations at Eleven Madison Park. Eleven Madison a little pricy for your budget? Head to The NoMad Hotel! Most people don’t know Daniel Humm is now running their restaurant. This means eating amazing creations (including gluten free bread from Everybody Eats) at a more moderate price point.

Everybody Eats Gluten Free Bread The NoMadHumm rarely disappoints and The NoMad is no exception. The food here is excellent and the atmosphere – unless you get stuck in a stuffy table  off to the side (avoid these stuffy corners unless its the middle of winter and you enjoy a fireplace)  reminds one of a 1930′s hotel with dark oaks and solarium ceilings. The tables are small with cozy chairs but are not as close as most NYC restaurants.

Tell your waiter you have a gluten allergy when you arrive and you will see gluten free bread arrive quickly to your table. It comes with butter topped with sea salt – yum.

Snow Peas Dish Gluten Free The NoMad HotelI started my meal with the Snow Pea salad. I few days later the New York Times featured the recipe for this dish if you want to make it at home. Gluten Free in NYC eating at The NoMad Snow Pea Salad

It was amazing. The peas were so fresh and crunchy. It was obvious they came  right from the Green Market where a lot of Humm’s eat local approach is fetched from 4 times a week.
Gluten Free Halibut in NYC at The NoMad

For my main course I ordered the Halibut.

Gluten Free restaurant in NYC The Nomad HailbutThis dish was over the top! The sauce was delicious but not too rich and the fish was perfectly cooked. The slight tastes of saffron along with the crunchy snow peas and some pea greens.

This restaurant in my mind represents the essence of New York eating. The food is excellent, but its not a stuffy experience with white table cloths and this leads to the atmosphere being very local.

Before or after dinner visit the other parts of The NoMad hotel including the Library and the back bar. Both are worth the time to walk through and check out! I love the craved elephants in the back bar. It transported me back to Bombay, India.

Address: 1170 Broadway


Neighborhood: Flatiron / NoMad


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Eating Gluten Free Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Gluten Free GranolaEleven Madison Park. Michelin 3 Star. Impossible reservation. Unbelievable experience. Truly the ultimate in gluten free eating. Courtesy gift from the chef: amazing gluten free granola.

Eleven Madison has an approach that is highly specific to each diner that is perfect for someone with a food allergy. The waiter arrives at your table and asks you to pick one item from 4 rows of words. Each row is a course on the 4-course pre-fixe. He or she will then ask you what you do not like. This is your chance to laundry list everything you hate!!

Eleven Madison MenuMy selections: Octopus – Lobster – Beef – Chocolate.

My modifications: Gluten Free. Pregnant so avoiding raw shell fish. No poached eggs, liver or foie gras. The waiter already knew I was Gluten Free because I added it to my open table reservation (read more about this gluten free tip here.

Eleven Madison Amuse Bouche Gluten FreeWhen the first amuse-bouche arrived I got a big pit in my stomach.

Crap, are they really going to not cater to my allergy?

The two tiny toasts with quail eggs on top looked almost exactly alike (except one egg was well-cooked).

My husband said “can she eat this?”

The waiter said “yes we cooked the egg for her!!” in an excited voice.

And I said “I am allergic to gluten.”

“Oh, THAT! Its on a gluten free toast!” he answered.

This was a moment. I realized wow, they just assume that I know they are taking care of me and I do not have to worry. The kitchen has it covered. This is the kind of gluten free moment that I live for, where I can just throw it over to the chef and relax.

Eleven Madison Amuse Bouche 3 Gluten Free

A series of amuse-bouche followed that I enjoyed. The last one was memorable: a yogurt lollypop with a thin crust over the top and a slight taste of curry. It had a sour essence that I assume was presented to warm up our palettes for the first course.

Eleven Madison Gluten Free OctopusOctopus

The true genius behind this dish was the dried chorizo. It was like bacon-bits on steroids. The octopus was cooked perfectly with its garnishes of pickled onions.

Eleven Madison Gluten Free Lobster


The best thing about this plate? The leek. Of course the lobster was perfect. But, I have never had a leek that was cooked like this. It was so easy to cut it. The texture was not stringy or chewy. It was like cutting bread. It blew me away. This dish include gluten free bread crumbs and was surrounded by a very complex mole sauce.

Eleven Madison Gluten Free BeefBeef

The beef was perfectly cooked medium rare sirloin strip. The accompanying sauce was amazing along with the dried shallot bits.

Throughout the meal I was served bread from Everybody Eats. The bread platter included French Bread, White Bread and a bread with nuts. The French bread is the best gluten free bread I have tasted in the United States. It was very similar to the awesome gluten free bread I had in Barcelona. I highly recommend checking out any of the places that carry Everybody Eats on their website.


I was not a huge fan of the desert process at this restaurant. They serve a freshly made New York Egg Cream before the desert courses are served. I am not a fan of milk and at this point was so FULL that this novelty was lost on me. My husband was also less than enthused. A New York Egg Cream has neither eggs nor cream. It is made with milk, seltzer (Brooklyn made NYC Seltzer in this case), and chocolate syrup. It’s a heavy choice to lead into desert and my opinion the fizzy choice is also not great for your stomach before eating ice cream or a cheese plate. It felt way out of place like a kid threw it on the menu.

I was served gluten free cookie crumble with lavender ice cream. The ice cream was ok but not at all near exciting which surprised me. There are so many local ice cream proprietors that make mind blowing creations here in the city yet here was this crappy ice cream. The dish was hard to understand.

How do you get a reservation at Eleven Madison?

This restaurant books out 28 days in advance on Open Table. It is sold out every day. I had to monitor the website and count off the days to get this slot. I also accepted a slot on Monday which is likely not as busy as the days that lead up to the weekend. Another thing I noticed is that it may be less busy during Easter / Spring Break. In short, plan your visit in advance and mention your Gluten Free needs in the comments section of Open Table!

Neighborhood: Flatiron

Address: 11 Madison

Price: Very Expensive

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