A Welcomed Life

Gluten Free Pregnancy Baby Feet

Ava arrived with fanfare and grace. And now she is settling into the startling overwhelm of the world outside of mama’s tummy.

Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive. I have been graced by the warmth and love of others during this process of introducing a new being to the planet. She was welcomed by so many that were holding a tender space for her landing.

I didn’t expect my pregnancy to be like this – something that changed me so profoundly. What is different? Beyond what every other new mother experiences?

Its changed my relationship with my gluten allergy. Its made me feel much more powerful and in control of taking care of me both mentally and physically. Its open a door that I didn’t see before. 

In the coming months I am going to expand on the body of knowledge I have collected and turn it into a book so others can have access to the same information. Stay tuned.

There is so much I want to share that I have learned over the past few weeks. But most importantly I have had to lean into those around me for support and to RECEIVE that support.

Receiving has always been so hard for me. I tend to reject offers for help from the smallest to the largest. But what I am really doing is rejecting love people are trying to send my way.

As I feel into the grace of receiving the life that has arrived to join my family I am aiming to get better at receiving. I looked up receive in the dictionary this afternoon and found the definitions that were most meaningful:

  • to act as a receptacle or container for
  • to assimilate through the mind or senses
  • to permit to enter

New moms are often forced to receive. From gifts to home cooked meals to friendly moms that come by to teach you how to soothe your baby to everything in between. We are in a weakened state right after giving birth which opens us up. We need help so we accept it. But I pondered so many times over the last 20 plus days how I could perceive help differently after this time is over. How can I receive the love that people send my way – making a container for it and taking in it through my mind and senses and really permitting it to enter?

This is one of the gifts my daughter has already brought me – a heightened awareness of how to receive now and in the future.

xoxo Brandi


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